Security Authentication - Quick Integration, Many Solutions

Twizo makes online security simple through easy integration and a variety of authentication solutions. We serve customers globally allowing them to scale their businesses while we worry about their security.

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Making Things Easy for Developers

Copy, Paste and Go!

Extensive code libraries and detailed documentation make integration a breeze! Copy, paste and your service is ready to go!

                                    $twizo = Twizo\Api\Twizo::getInstance('API_KEY', 'HOST');

                                    //create and send the verification
                                    $verification = $twizo->createVerification('65123456789');

                                    //get the messageId
                                    $messageId = $verification->getMessageId();

                                    //verify the token
                                    $twizo->verifyToken($messageId, 'TOKEN');
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The Twizo Widget

You can be fully integrated in minutes with only 1 line of code. Check out our widget for a hassle free approach to Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for your service.

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Easy, Encrypted, Reliable & Secure.

Free Authentication
Security doesn’t need to be expensive. We offer free and paid solutions for you to choose from. There is no such thing as a one size fits all approach and so with Twizo you can build the combination of products that best suit your needs.
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What is security without encryption? A waste of time! All of our services are built with full encryption so that you do not have to worry about the safety of your data and customers.
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Manage Everything with the Portal
Everything you need in one clear interface. Statistics, reporting and a whole lot more!
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Global coverage and high quality connections. Simple and easy way to communicate with your customers.
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Number Lookup
Prevent fraud through the use of Number Lookups.
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