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Hardware devices from Google or Simplicity from Twizo?

August 1st, 2018

We are all faced with a choice when it comes to cybersecurity and the choice is whether or not to accept that our victimization is an inevitable occurrence.

Plainly put no one should accept that! We thankfully live in a digital world where we have access to tools that can protect our data, our services and our general online experience. The real question is which of those tools we engage with.

At Twizo we are big believers in a few fundamental truths. Amongst others, a couple of our core truths are as follows.

  1. 2FA must be simple to implement and use
  2. Consumers nor enterprises want to be inconvenienced

While we welcome any development in the cybersecurity and 2FA space, we were somewhat surprised to see Google investing resources in a method of authentication that more and more enterprises seem to be moving away from. Even financial institutions such as Standard Chartered has begun moving away from traditional hardware tokens to mobile based solutions.

The new Titan Security Keys is an innovation in an aging space. While Google has made improvements to the hardware token concept, the fact is that its still a hardware token!

What happens if you lose your hardware token?

What happens if your hardware token breaks?

What happens if you forget to bring along your hardware token?

Why inconvenience yourself and your consumers with one more thing to remember when you can just rely on #ImpossiblySimple solutions offered by Twizo? We have free and paid solutions that are secure, easy to integrate and that simplify the 2FA experience.

“Security” does not need to mean complicated and “simple” does not need to mean unsafe.

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