Number Lookup

Protect your service and your customers by preventing fraud and security breaches through the use of Number Lookup.

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Number Lookup

Protect yourself against fraud by ensuring the quality of the numbers you engage with. Why is this critical? Simple!

You do not want to fall victim to fraud or scams that may cause your costs to run up by engaging with fake or otherwise problematic mobile numbers. With a Number Lookup you’ll be able to find out if a number is:

  • Ported,
  • Roaming,
  • Still Active,
  • Valid

By knowing more about the users and the mobile numbers you are engaging with you will be able to increase the level of security around your services. Knowledge is power and number lookups can be a key component in providing you with that power.

We offer you a straightforward Number Lookup platform via REST or our online platform so that you can protect yourself against fraudulent numbers. Simply put, through Twizo you can get the most of out your user engagement!

Strong pricing and a quality service. It’s the Twizo way!

Easy to integrate REST API
We have various code samples in our libraries to make your integration as easy and smooth as possible. Copy, paste and your service is ready to go!
                        $twizo = Twizo\Api\Twizo::getInstance('API_KEY', 'HOST');
                        $numberLookup = $twizo->createNumberLookup('65123456789');
Strong pricing, flexibility for mobile and fixed line phones and an overall high quality service. Twizo is ready when you are!
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