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Redefining Your Business’ Future: The Rise of APIs in the Developer Market

April 3rd, 2018

It’s 2018, and chances are almost everybody (that includes you) has already encountered the use of an API or an Application Programming Interface.

The API is a code that websites or applications use to communicate with other applications to improve functionality and interoperability.

One perfect example for this are travel agency websites that uses APIs of airline companies. Once they search for a flight to the Bahamas this summer, the website coordinates with the APIs of different airlines and the airline sends back information of available flights and prices. Even tech giants like Facebook, Google, Amazon and Alibaba are among those who use APIs.

So the question is: Is it a necessity for businesses to acquire API?

Yes, absolutely. And here’s why.

In utilizing an API, your website can be linked to different softwares or websites that is captured by a widget which provides smooth user experience. Seamlessness and simplicity enables site loyalty, meaning, the user will not have to visit other websites or install another app. The greatness of having a top-of-the-line website or app is all in the API.

However, for some businesses, the very thought of disrupting the common process is compared to venturing uncharted waters. But little do they know that embracing API can help evolve their businesses. In brewing the best delivery model, reliability and security are the top ingredients. Without data privacy and lack of alterations on complicated systems, no one would purchase your product.

Fortunately, the microservice approach exists. This approach in utilizing APIs call for a more agile performance through safe data exchanges. REST APIs are reusable and can encapsulate the data in a system. Additionally, it offers potential avenues for monetization so the business does not remain passive.

Businesses today are creating more noise on their website with microservice approach, since it delivers better performance and higher profit. But, the crown jewels of a business must be taken into account as well (company finances and private customer records). In a way, APIs are committed to making the digital business goals a reality.

So, the next time you try to recognize the missing puzzle in your app, you probably left out the microservice approach from your options.

At first encounter, API might sound intimidating due to overwhelming codes and programming languages you need to use. But if taken from a strategic standpoint, it’s actually a necessity rather than an option. APIs may not be the vanguard of the website, but it is vitally supplemental for website scalability, performance and profitability.

It’s either you remain in your old boring tech or redefine your business’ future by integrating #ImpossiblySimple verification services like Twizo.

Make your choice today.

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