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Twizo at the 2018 AngelHack in Singapore

June 25th, 2018

Twizo had the opportunity of being one of the sponsors at the recent AngelHack event in Singapore.

We would like to thank AngelHack for allowing us to take part in the event which gave us a great opportunity to engage with the local Singaporean developer community. Its always exciting for our team to engage with young and energetic developers as well as entrepreneurs. The future is certainly looking bright!

After the event we had a chance to sit down to talk with the team that took home the overall prize as well as the prize for the Twizo sponsored challenge.

What is your team currently doing? Studying or working and where?

We are actually final year students graduating in 3 weeks time! We are also working on a startup project called StaffAny, where we want to be a manager’s favorite assistant.

Was AngelHack your teams first hackathon?

It is our first hackathon working together!

Can you tell us about the project the team worked on during the AngelHack event?

We are working on Project Leprecoin, where we want to unlock instant payday. The problem we want to solve is the delay in payment cycles for work done.

The challenge to solving this problem is authenticating work done.

We thought that if we can verify that a person is, in fact, on-site at a certain time, it adds credibility for early payment. By using 2FA to authenticate clock in and clock out, we would be able to calculate work done for the worker. Leprecoin then acts as an intermediary to pay the workers instantly.

We make money through a service fee individuals. Included in the cost of the service fee is also the weighted average of the chance that a company defaults the payment.

How would you describe your experience working with the Twizo API for the 2FA component of your project?

We only worked with the biovoice authentication part of the Twizo API. The API worked, and we were impressed when it managed to tell different voices apart, and authenticate our voices. During development, it was a little awkward repeating the keyphrase into the phone while setting up. The initial free quota that was allocated was more than sufficient to get us off the ground.

What is the most important thing for you as developers when it comes to 2FA and was Twizo able to solve that for you?

The most important thing for developers when building something against another API is that the other API has to be reliable and deliver what it promises. In the case of Twizo, the API was able to deliver the biometric voice authentication reliably.

What attracted you most to the authentication option that you chose from our list of features?

It is a 2FA that is tied to geography. Perhaps, Twizo could release other geographical enabled 2FA!

Do you plan to continue building your project? Is there a website or some other way for people to follow along with your progress in the future?

We do, and we hope that we can get feedback from businesses and do more market validation. We currently do not have a website, but we will keep you guys updated of our progress!

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