Why Twizo?

Why Twizo?

Thank you for considering us for your security and authentication needs! If you’ve made it this far then you probably already know that we hang our hat on offering really easy to use, easy to integrate, highly encrypted and wide ranging authentication options for you and your customers.

Maybe you’d like to get to know us a bit better?

We are owned and operated by Silverstreet (www.silverstreet.com) which is a cloud communications company that has been active in the mobile telecommunications space since 1999. We’re really grateful to tap into the Silverstreet company ecosystem for support, development and nearly 20 years of market knowledge.

Beyond the ownership structure and product portfolio, who and what are we? Let us tell you :)

  • We are passionate about what we’re building and the problem we’re trying to solve
  • We are passionate about keeping things simple
  • We are consumers in our private lives too and we want to offer a service that would make us happy on your side of the table as well
  • We aren’t complacent. We will continue to build so that we can give you more as well as better service options
  • We aren’t perfect. We will admit when we’re wrong and try to fix it
  • We aren’t stuck in our ways. We aren’t stubborn. We’re huge believers in self analysis and whenever we identify an area to improve, you better believe we will

We want you to enjoy working with Twizo. We know you have a lot of options in the market and we want to earn your trust so that we can scale with you.

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